Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide® Gold Ultra Interior Latex

Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide® Gold Ultra Interior Latex

Our best professional quality paint, Pro-Hide® Gold Ultra Interior Latex delivers a uniform finish with excellent hide, smooth application, and excellent touch-up. It is ideal for residential / commercial repaints and new construction.

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  • Stands up to repeated washings
  • Exceptional application
  • Our very best professional finish
  • Excellent touch-up
  • MPI approved for gloss levels 1-5
  • Excellent Hide and Durability


Excellent for textured substrates like wood, siding/doors, or masonry/cement, Flat disguises imperfections and touches up beautifully.


Eggshell offers just a hint more shine than flat and hides imperfections well when properly applied to most exterior surfaces.


Mid-Sheen is a very versatile finish with a subtle sheen. Provides a washable and scrubbable finish. Burnish resistant, maintains sheen uniformity. Stain resistant.


Satin offers a subtle shine, easy upkeep, and cleans up well on most exterior surfaces: wood, steel, stone/cement, siding, shutters, and doors.


Semi-Gloss has a lower shine than gloss and is durable enough to resist the elements. Use it on doors, shutters, trim, and eaves.