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Un-Do Open House Staging to Make a New Home Yours

When selling a house, the mantra for most is neutral, neutral, neutral. To help potential new owners envision themselves moving in, real estate experts remind sellers to de-personalize their homes. That means removing family photos and mementos and replacing favorite color schemes with more vanilla shades and hues. So as a new homeowner, how do you begin to de-neutralize your new house to make it your new home? Read More »

Spring Home Decorating Tips from the Ground Up

Spring is here! Clear skies and sunshine make their long-awaited appearance and once-frozen grounds are sprouting fresh flowers and greenery. Everywhere you look, top to bottom, the world is transforming into a place full of beauty, vibrancy, color and life. So why not take inspiration from nature to revamp your personal space? With a few decorating tips you can turn a ho-hum house into a happy home ready to celebrate the new season. Read More »