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Pratt & Lambert Paints® Reveals New Homes In Harmony Collection

CLEVELAND – Pratt & Lambert Paints® is known by designers nationwide for its dynamic and thoughtful color choices. Through its new Homes in Harmony Collection, homeowners can select colors which express their personal style and evoke the ambiance of their choosing. Each of the five collections contains 18 colors which can be used in different combinations on walls, trim and ceilings, even as inspiration for furnishing and accessories—to blend comfort and color throughout the entire home.

“Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes. It’s not just about colors people choose but about the lifestyle a homeowner wants to convey through the intentional use of these colors,” said Michelle Bangs, Pratt & Lambert brand manager. “Our new collection takes the guesswork out of color selection by offering palettes that work together naturally… in perfect harmony.”

Whether you dream of living on the coast, taking in the soft warmth of the skies at dawn or simply crave the serene moments which come from a beautiful sunset on the beach, the new Seaside Comfort collection creates the atmosphere you’re seeking.

Colors in the Seaside Comfort collection include: Geometric Blue, Slouched Stockings, Googie Green, Western Dusk, Dame’s Pearls, Painting the Sky, Grasshopper Chirp, Boudoir Pink, Jewel of Valencia, Absolute Blue, Howland Hill Heather, Faded Sunburst, Drifting Sand, Mint Glamour, Deco Orange, Quail Feather, Notes of Sunrise and Electrified.

If you love the hustle and bustle of city life, basking in the diversity of cultures and the rawness of the modern urban environment, Pratt & Lambert’s new Cityscape collection will have you living on the edge.

Colors in the Cityscape collection include: Between the Stars, Blushed Adobe, Aubergine Broach, Curvilinear, Under the Eaves, Lush Avocado, Garnet Jewel, Hollywood White, Steel Ribbon, Marble Vein, Creamed Café, Chilly Night, Stone Hillside, Victorian Ruby, Metropolis Stone, Sugarplum Dreams, Shark Skin and Concrete Chic.

Do you yearn for fresh scents of nature, a breeze through your hair or the soft touch of cool moss beneath your feet? The Woodland Cottage collection combines the tranquility and beauty of the countryside with the rough, rustic qualities of the natural world, bringing the outdoors into your home.

Colors in the Woodland Cottage collection include: Urban Bungalow, Spa Mask, Desert Tortoise Shell, Needle of Pine, Swallow’s Feather, Rebel Green, Olde Mud Road, Wagon Cover, On the Other Side, Spiced Cocoa, Adobe Dust, Fountain Tile, Solitary, Curving Foliage, Organic Architecture, Tea-N-Crumpets, Oasis Mirage and Brink of Night.

If your heart lies in the desert, where heat-hazy days turn to cool, mysterious nights, the Desert Adobe collection embodies everything you’re looking for in your interior design. It embraces the natural purity of the Southwest, including its golden sands, rusted earth, sunburst skies and the subtle greenery.

Colors in the Desert Adobe collection include: Rusted Earth, Palisades, Meandering Trail, Prospector’s Dream, Intricate Lace, Undulating Landscape, Exposed Beam, Kiln Dried, So Cal Stucco, Curved Tile, Boomtown White, Ranchero Sand, Twist of Ivy, Spanish Villa, Sutter’s Mill, Capistrano, Trail Blazing Orange and Salon Pink.

The Fresh Classics collection conveys a sense of traditionalism and comfort; it’s fresh and familiar with a twist. The updated classic colors contrast and yet complement each other simultaneously, creating a space where the soft palette of flowers from a newly sprouting rose garden fit seamlessly with the boldness of wrought iron and gold trimmings.

Colors in the Fresh Classics collection include: Cattle Iron, Bee’s Knees, Thalo Blue, Summerset Orange, Flushed Cheeks, West Coast Hydrangea, Prairie House Red, Prometheus Gold, Dirty Martini, Flapper Bead, Sagely Willow, A Lil’ Rouge, Vintage Parasol, Read My Lips, Mojave Sun, Powdered Knees, Gazing Skyward and Sugared Peach.

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