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Pratt & Lambert® Announces 2014 Color Trends; Names Color Of The Year

CLEVELAND — Pratt & Lambert Paints® announces its highly anticipated 2014 Color Trends Forecast. The forecast contains 32 of the hottest up-and-coming colors, among which is Sunspot, Pratt & Lambert’s pick for 2014 Color of the Year.

Pratt & Lambert’s 2014 Color Trends Forecast, collectively titled Anew, brings together the influences of society and the world around us. The colors reflect a desire to move away from the tumultuous climate of the past several years to new beginnings. Anew’s four color palettes — Common Ground, Uncharted, Nature’s Bounty and Grace, blend a bold variety of worldly facets together, while at the same time highlighting the raw, unfinished organic features of nature.

“We shifted from an aggressive and chaotic post-recession realm into a reawakened and renewed reality evident in our surroundings,” said Sue Wadden, Manager of Color + Design, Pratt & Lambert Paints. “Our Anew color palettes bind the past with the future through common threads — all with an onward momentum toward a fresh start. Sunspot, our Color of the Year, truly reflects the entirety of the color palettes selected. It exudes a wholesome and authentic emotion — the kind of color that would bring new life to a room. The sunny, invigorating golden yellow communicates an optimistic new beginning.”

Common Ground

The world continues to grow smaller. Diverse influences are gaining a place among design trends. Befitting this movement, the Common Ground palette features an alluring, complementary collision of cultures. Large floral patterns and tribal prints are paired with intense, saturated hues. A cross-continental global influence, from Brazil to Russia, creates a stunning societal synergy that is boldly exotic and fearlessly ethnic. The palette contains: Olive Grove (16-21), Black Magic (31-16), Velvet Red (3-17), Orange Spice (8-16), Shaded Spruce (22-17), Lambert’s Blue (25-13), Indian Ivory (9-31) and Burnished Gold (11-13).


The more we know, the more we want to know. From the depths of the sea to the unexplored realms of the universe, the Uncharted palette explores mysteries both imagined and undiscovered. Focusing on bright colors set in dark spaces and metallic, holographic accents, the elements of constellations and minerals are translated into design. The Uncharted palette is comprised of: Designer White (33-1), Delightful Aqua (22-7), Haiku (4-7), Ethereal (27-15), Casava (15-10), Grape Hyacinth (31-24), Deep Cerise (2-11) and Noir (24-16).

Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s Bounty celebrates an agrarian past and a sustainable, responsible future focused on finding harmony with the Earth. This trend brings with it rich, honest colors representative of whole foods, plants and soil from the farm-to-table movement. Clean, unfinished fabrics and natural fibers populate the d├ęcor of a sensible, pragmatic foundation. The Nature’s Bounty palette includes: Thyme Green (16-19), Misty Green (18-29), Sunspot (11-10), Duckling (24-10), Shadow Beige (11-28), Carolina Gull (29-24), Red Mosaic (3-18) and Russet (6-23).


The pendulum swings back in the direction of a soothing and feminine place, bringing with it trends that are contemplative instead of purposeful. Handcrafted textures infuse the inspiration for the Grace palette, which highlights a nostalgic, organic beauty. Muted colors and ethereal earth tones share the stage with homespun materials, giving way to a subtle, soft tranquility. The Grace palette contains: Blue Star (28-7), Italian Blue (23-27), Sunset Snow (3-2), Seedpod Yellow (16-5), Mesa Tan (7-20), Burnt Sage (28-7), Gettysburg (29-20) and Dover White (33-6).

The Anew collection reflects how our world is changing, inviting new colors and lasting beauty into everyday living spaces. Pratt & Lambert Paints, a recognized color authority, is confident its 2014 Color Trends palettes will provide inspiration for the home in the year to come. To receive a fan deck of the 2014 colors, please contact Elizabeth Wolfsthal at

Pratt & Lambert paints are distributed through quality independent paint dealers nationwide. For more information about Pratt & Lambert Paints and where to purchase Pratt & Lambert Products, visit or call 800-BUY-PRATT.

For more information about Pratt & Lambert Paints and for nationwide retail locations, visit or call 800-BUY-PRATT.

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