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Color Trends 2013

CLEVELAND &mdsah; The world is composed of many opposing forces. Culturally, politically and aesthetically, we are surrounded by forces that are polarizing. However, sometimes the simple act of placing these forces side by side can result in a greater understanding of the individual forces and even yield incredible beauty. Pratt & Lambert’s 2013 Color Trends Forecast juxtaposes dark and light, bold and subdued, bright and pastel, highlighting the distinct moods and styles of the everyday. Collectively titled Contrasts, four palettes make up the 2013 Color Trends Forecast: Phenomena, Vestiges, Dialects and Curated.

The Phenomena palette blends the intricate patterns of science and the physical world with the fantasies of art and creativity to create a whimsical new way to look at design and color. This trend is an exciting experiment with hyper-reality and wild imaginings, comparing science and surrealism. The palette contains: Chiffon (32-2), Azalea (5-12), Snapdragon (15-8), Light Chartreuse (16-10), Tide Pools (21-10), Blue Comfort (23-11), Violet Echo (28-28) and Swiss Coffee (33-5).

This trend shows the merging of the modern and imaginative with the timeworn and industrial. The resulting palette reflects a style mired in the past but moving inexorably forward. This collection of colors is both distressed and finessed, showing the desire to innovate upon an established foundation. The Vestiges palette is comprised of: Monsignor (30-16), Botticelli (1-16), Fresh Cream (11-5), Woodgate (18-24), Leek (21-27), French Blue (24-12), Steel Wool (33-14) and Chalk Gray (11-32).

Though the global movement has sharpened our local focus, culture is, in fact, multicultural. The balance between what brings us together and what sets us apart is both evolutionary and revolutionary. This trend is a celebration of distinctly unique voices that speak in a single language of design and color. The Dialects palette includes: Cranberry (2-13), Sunblest Poppy (7-10), Golden Laughter (11-8), Butternut Leaf (15-20), Oat Grass (24-24), Anchusa (28-11), Deep Taupe (2-21) and Timeless Gray (29-23).

Yesterday, today and tomorrow meet in this trend, as evidenced by the evolution of our world into the digital age. D├ęcor and design are chronicled in a digital diary that's always updatable, replayable. We see objects and colors recycled and upcycled, but the style is completely new. This timeless trend contains: Vibrant Red (4-12), Foxen (3-8), Tripoli Sand (13-27), Kashmir Green (16-16), Midsummer Gale (26-17) Blueberry (26-16), Simple Blue (27-6) and Tarragon (8-24).

Continuing its reputation as a color authority, up-to-date on the latest industry developments, Pratt & Lambert Paints is confident that its 2013 Color Trends palettes provide an accurate picture of the coming year’s design trends. To receive a fan deck of the 2013 colors, please contact Branden Blackmur at


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