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Explore color and discover something new about yourself. Why are you drawn to certain hues? What shades inspire you? What do you want color to say about you? Your color choices can create more than a look or style in your home. They can be the true expression of you.

Use what you know

Color is the most impactful element to consider when decorating your home. Whether you are looking for a barely-there whisper of color or a bold combination of vibrant hues, the element of color will transform your space.

This section will help you understand the art and the science of color so that you can better use it in your home to create the environment you desire.

Moods of Color

Once you realize the impact color plays on mood - and mood plays on color - you'll be empowered to use it in your home to create the environment you desire. Learn More >

Color Theory & Behavior

The art and science of color can be complicated. But with a simple understanding of its basic language, you'll be able to select colors more easily and with more confidence. Learn More >

Color Selection

Whether you're taking your cues from an existing piece of art or furniture, seeking to match a mood, or fit a certain light level, you'll benefit from our helpful color selector. Learn More >