Pratt & Lambert® wants you to love your color. So to help you choose the perfect shade and the hue that is “you,” we have several color tools to help.

121A Misty Mint

Pratt & Lambert® wants you to love your color. So to help you choose the perfect shade and the hue that is “you,” we have several color tools to help. Color cards, inspiration cards and color chips help you select colors and coordinate palettes. Our color visualizer lets you see your choices in a room setting. And to help you be 100% certain, we offer quart-size samples so you can paint up to 100 square feet before committing to your new color.

Fan Deck

Discover your next design expression using our exquisite color collections. Developed by Pratt & Lambert® color experts, our fan deck contains a total of 1,600 colors, and is one of the newest color palettes in the market today. The fan deck is divided into two sections. Color Journeys® sets you on course to great home design, guiding you through 1,120 colors organized into five unique collections: Whites, Brights, Chromatics, Muted and Neutrals. Color Journeys is a celebration of color and a destination for design enthusiasts everywhere. The Color Narrative™ palette was developed to satisfy the discriminating tastes of professional designers. These 480 stunning shades are organized into five collections: Whites, Light Neutrals, Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals and Chromatics.  

Color Cards

Beautiful interior, exterior, and whites & neutrals color cards will help your customers choose just the right colors for their projects and show them how several colors can naturally work well together in one space.

Inspiration Cards

Working beyond the shades and nuances of color families, our inspiration cards show how distinctly different colors can complement and contrast to create a mood and bring a space to life. These cards suggest color combinations that will suit any style and color preference.

Color Chips

Our color chips help you see how any color will look in your setting before you make a final decision. The helpful let-down of variations in hue or color strength can guide you toward the perfect choice for your space.

Color Samples

To best understand how color will look in your home, you need to see it in place. Pratt & Lambert® Quart Size Color Samples let you live with the color on your walls before you commit. Each sample covers 100 square feet so you can see how different lighting conditions and room arrangements affect color. And that means you can make your final color choice with confidence.

Color Visualizer

This web tool allows you virtually paint your walls with Pratt & Lambert® paints before you ever pick up a paint brush. Our color visualizer will help you visualize colors in a home setting – so you can confidently choose the right shade for your home.