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Acrylic Urethane

Pratt & Lambert® Acrylic Urethane Gloss is a two-component, water-based coating. It is designed for high performance use in industrial and commercial environments. It offers outstanding abrasion resistance and has excellent weathering properties.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent weathering properties
  • Remarkable gloss retention


Size: Part A: 1 Gallon, Part B: Quart

Coverage: 195-390 sq ft

Finishes: Gloss, Activated

Application: Nylon/polyester brush, 3/8" nap woven with solvent resistant core roller cover, airless spray, conventional spray

Dry Time: 1.5 hrs to touch, 6 hrs to handle, 8 hrs (min), 3 months (max) to recoat, 10 days to cure

Cleanup: Soap and water

Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Used on properly prepared:

Steel, iron, aluminum, galvanized metal, cured masonry and previously painted surfaces

Acrylic Urethane - Interior/Exterior Gloss, Activated

Interior/Exterior Gloss, Activated

Z6400 Series



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