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Pratt & Lambert® Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Waterborne Primer

When you start the job with a top-quality primer, you can be sure of a smooth, beautiful finish and long-lasting performance. And that’s what Pratt & Lambert Primers deliver every time. Our interior and exterior primers are specifically formulated to meet the most diverse needs. And when used with Pratt & Lambert topcoats, the results will be everything you expect.


  • Promotes adhesion of the topcoat to slick or glossy surfaces
  • Ensures uniform appearance of the topcoat
  • Seals out most common household stains, including smoke stains
  • Quick-dry Formula


Size: Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

Coverage: 400 sq ft / gallon

Finishes: Primer

Application: Nylon/polyester brush, 1/4"-3/4" nap synthetic roller cover, airless spray, conventional spray

Dry Time: 30 min to touch, 1 hr to recoat as a primer, 4 hrs to recoat as a stain blocker

Cleanup: Soap and water

Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Used on properly prepared:

Drywall, masonry, plaster, wood, hardboard, paneling, wall laminate, steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, PVC piping and previously painted surfaces

Pratt & Lambert® Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Waterborne Primer - Interior/Exterior Primer

Interior/Exterior Primer




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