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  • Satured/Bright colors

    Saturated, brighter colors make a wall appear nearer, giving the feeling of more effectively filling the space. These colors can work well in large rooms or any room you want to feel “cozy.”

  • Cool Colors

    Cool light colors can open a space as well as some unsaturated colors with a darker value. These colors can be used to make a small room appear larger, especially if used on one wall.

  • Satured
  • Cool


Color can be used in your home to affect the perception of space. Most people are taught that cool colors recede and “open up” a space, and warm colors advance to make a room feel smaller. However, it is actually the saturation and value levels that are most important.

The furnishings and décor of a room can also affect the spatial perception. Objects that contrast with wall color seem to fill up the space. If the objects in a room are more similar to the wall color there will be a sense of more spaciousness.

Pratt & Lambert Color Samples

To best understand how color will look in your home, you need to see it in place. Pratt & Lambert Quart Size Color Samples let you live with the color on your walls before you commit. Each sample covers 100 square feet so you can see how different lighting conditions and room arrangements affect color. And that means you can make your final color choice with confidence.